The Madwoman Muses...

The Madwoman (Khalima) was recently interviewed by RVA magazine. Here is the link to full interview, which is well worth reading;

Below is the part of her interview about Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman.

Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman
You are a notorious collaborator with various other artists in Richmond and surrounding areas. What are some projects that you are currently work on?
Right now I am putting a lot of energy into Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman, my collaboration with accordionist Barry Bless, who many know from the Ululating Mummies, Happy Lucky Combo, The Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, and other projects. Barry and I bring together song and dance into theatrical vignettes. Barry has composed many songs on accordion which we use; we also pull music from popular culture of older eras and the world. I have also returned to playing music after a long break, have started singing, and am adding a drag bit as well. We are working on a portable stage that will allow us to take our show directly to the people, on the street! This project is so exciting to me, and it is a joy to work with Barry, who is full of creativity and is an amazing musician and family man. There are no holds barred. Working with a musician with so much discipline and heart is a real backbone to me, and I thoroughly enjoy what we do. Together, we have been hosting a monthly Cabaret Brunch at Balliceaux where Richmond has been able to get a taste of the pieces we have been working on, and also an open format for other creative performers and bellydancers to try out their pieces.

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