Valentines Edition of Belly Dance Brunch Cabaret

It was a lovely snowy afternoon...

photo Charles Sugg

"Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman" did a little song and dance.

photo Charles Sugg

"The Bird and Her Consort" sang love songs in three languages.

photo Charles Sugg

"Serenity Tribal" danced beautifully.

photo Charles Sugg

"The Flaneur and the Accordionist" dramatized Richmond history.

A fine time was reportedly had by all...
Please join us March 18 for the St. Patrick Day/Ides of March edition.

Belly Dance Brunch

Valentine's Edition of "Belly Dance Brunch Cabaret" @ Balliceaux, Sunday February 19, from Noon till 2:00. Admission is seven dollars.

This Sunday the performers include;

"Serenity Tribal"; belly dance troupe

"The Bird and Her Consort"; Antonia Begonia singing, Jonathan Vassar guitar, art song and salon music

"The Flaneur and the Accordionist"; Harry Kollatz and Barry Bless, dramatic readings of local history with music and noise

"Professor Bless and the Dancing Madwoman"; Khalima and Barry, music, song and dance