The Professor and the Madwomans' Awesome Down East Adventure

The Professor and the Madwoman headed to New Bern NC to perform and teach. Being billed as Avant Garde Bellydance provided us with enough ambiguity to be who we are. This blog is about our little corner of a grand event. 

Our workshop was "Oriental Tribal Fusion Taqsim".  Khalima is trained in classical Egyptian Taqsim. It is basically slow improvisation, dance and music. Of course the Professor throws in a polka now and again. One of the highlights of the class is "emotional charades" where a dancer picks an emotion out of the hat and the Professor and the dancer convey it to the group though music and dance. This was a fun, creative and engaged group!

The show was in an old Masonic hall. Masonic halls are full of esoteric photos, paintings and signs. The Professor felt right at home.

The musicians, Andrew Shakinovsky, Oud,  Brian Beaman, doumbek and Matthew Waltenberger, doumbek and davul, were very gracious and generous. The Professor picked up some Turkish, Greek and Arabic tunes and learned a lot about theory.

Kaitlyn far right, her daughter and sister. Kaitlyn organized this wonderful event. And of course she and her troupe Apsara Dancers, peformed beautifully. Her sister MC'd and her daughter was the STAR of the evening, which opened with her singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Love this photo! While waiting to perform, Naima Sultana curled her hair, reapaired her costume and discussed North Carolina politics. The real show is always backstage.


Sight seeing brought us to the water where this man taught us how to crab.

Beautiful blue fin.

The Madwoman in he throes of a Southern Gothic moment.

Black Beard is that you?

The House Band; Matthew Waltenberger, Andrew Shakinovsky, Professor Bless and Jeremiah M. Soto.

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  1. Great post and pictures, Barry! We had fun with you guys!