Busk at Dusk in the Hotness

We don't lack for public space. But much (most?) of it is designed to get people in and out of private space, ie roads and sidewalks. Those of us fortunate enough to visit places in the world where hanging out in public space is a way of life know some of the possibilities yet to be realized here. The Occupy Movement was very much about occupying public space, reclaiming public space, being present in public space and expanding possibilities for behavior in public space. The muscular excitement of the automobile has defined much of what is desirable and acceptable in public places here in the US... please join us as we explore possibilities for joy, tenderness, longing, whimsy, eroticism and occasionally ecstacy.

And if your able, please drop some $ in the hat. Bottom line, we're entertainers.

photo Oway Chalkley

photo Otway Chalkley

photo Otway Chalkley

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  1. Really happy to see more street-performing in Richmond. <3